Support for Transgender Clients

Transgender counseling support. Gender affirming therapist in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky. LGBTQ


I am a trans friendly therapist offering support to individuals and loved ones. For those seeking counseling support, I follow the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) standard of care procedures.  You are the expert in your identity and journey. My role is to provide encouragement, support, and the tools you need to live authentically.

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Letters of Support

I am happy to write letters of support for Hormone Replacement Therapy, legal name and gender change. While WPATH does not list a minimum amount of sessions required before a letter can be written, I require at least 3 sessions (online or in person) to ensure a thorough assessment. I do this so I can give enough supporting evidence in my letter to help you move on to your next step as seamlessly as possible. 

Family Support

Supporting your loved one is crucial to their well being and transition. While you may put on a brave face when talking with them about their transition, it's perfectly normal for you to have your own concerns and worries. It is just as important for you to receive support as it is your loved one. 

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If you would like more information on my approach or have questions about the process,  I always provide a free 15 minute phone consultation for prospective clients. 

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